A short guide to the core artists by Art Blue aka Reiner Schneeberger.

In case you are right now not in the mood to read a longer text, here comes it all in a bullet

Thank you for taking part in AMERIKA ART as one of 16 core artists, a project which will finalise my mission in promoting and conserving the state of art in avatar based Immersive Art worlds in 2022. The theme is the Afterlife, seen from the perspective of an immersive artist, a builder, a coder, a painter.

You get a spot, sized 42x42x182 meter, assigned in Craft World at a sim named AMERIKA NORTH or AMERIKA EAST.

Each sim has a 15,000 prim capacity, AMERIKA SANDBOX has 25,000

Craft World can be seen as a sort of a shadow grid for the Amerika Art Interbiennale. In 2022 the whole Art Show will be presented first in the village of Amerika, Germany and in Leipzig, Germany, then it will go as the AMERIKA IMMERSIVE WORLD tour to various places on earth combined with educational offers and art talks. One will be Sardinia where Craft World is hosted and is used by the support of the Italian government with a focus on educational and cultural affairs. This means AMERIKA ART will be copied and conserved. There is more as you may already know from the slides shown at OSCC20.

I will spare technical details and focus on the next steps how you can start creating your contribution using the Craft World server. The advantage of Craft World is that everyone can reach Craft World via the Hypergrid jump technology and also that you might find other builders you know from other grids, like Second Life. I recommend that you build only in the sim AMERIKA SANDBOX. The capacity there is 25,000 prims. The final creation shall be in a 1,000 prim limit. Access of AMERIKA SANDBOX is only for builders in the Amerika Art World project. You need to join the groups you will be invited by me or Juliette Surreal-D aka Kisma Reidling to be able to go there and build there.

Both sims AMERIKA NORTH and EAST are of equal reachability from the 16 chambers Gem Preiz built inside the pyramid on the sim Amerika. The recommended way for a future visitor to visit an art installation is by walking around in the 16 chambers and then to decide to take a seat in one of them. The chamber seats are named by a small plate with the artists name and the title of the work. This naming is done by me in a standard way. No other information shall be given there. We are still on earth and not in the Afterlife. The plate in a chamber with your name just points to it.

Here an example:

The 16 cambers will be in a pyramid and different stories will be created. Your story will get an audience. You are the creator. Tell your story.

I will create a story for the time where the great pyramids have been bulit. My story points to overcoming gravity, to the Pyramid Award and I point to Wahtye. His story I will put on a media on prim inside the pyramid. When you have time watch the video I created – It points to the three state of existence at the time of the Pharaohs: life, afterlife and the passage between lives.

By stepping on a seat, which can be called a barge, but coming as a simple a chair, the chair will lift after a few seconds slowly up and then accelerate before the chair will arrive at your installation, reducing then its speed. This way the visitor will be brought to or into your art installation. When you are about to finish your installation you can get the chair script full perm so you can, if you are good in scripting, adapt speed and landing location. You might modify the appearance of the chair as soon as the visitor comes in reach of your art installation.

There are other ways to reach your installation: by dice, by talking to an AI, by a prayer and by a Landmark.

To condense it: Grab a chamber that is still available (first come first get). Juliette or Art Blue will place a sign “Already taken” there and then you can start building. All areas are of same quality, just the height differs: 2000m, 3000m, 4000m, 5000m, 6000m, 7000m, 8000m, 9000m. There is no need even to know now what spot will it be. At 10000 meter at Amerika East is a meeting spot: The sky is the limit. You get the Landmark to your spot and to the meeting spot.

More details:

The landing of the visitor can be anywhere inside the 42x42x181m “cube” of your spot. Landing means the arrival of the visitor sitting on a barge. Default barge is as said the chair that you see inside the 16 chambers of Gem Preiz, so usually this chair arrives with the visitor sitting on it. When the chair comes to halt the visitor gets a message “Please stand up.” If the visitor does not stand up within five seconds a forced stand up is initiated and the chair moves back to the chamber so another person can travel to your installation. There can be a maximum of up to three chairs in a chamber so more persons can travel nearly at the same time. This said you have to arrange an arrival spot for the numbers of incoming chairs you have in mind. Ask for a demonstration, so you get the idea of the movement of the default chair. Only one person can sit on a chair, else the script might not work best. If a person sitting on a chair stands up during the flight, the visitor will fall down, mostly into water, but the chair will return. The chair has an invisible bubble around so the visitor can change pose by clicking on the chair. You are free to modify the bubble by adding other sit animations.

A final word on the 42x42x181 RAW SAND cube.

The word “cube” does not fit best. It defines more the area you can use for your creation. In the picture you see some variations. The variation “Tree” sticks a bit out, but visually it is still fine when the now semi-transparent cube is gone.

Each contribution shall deal with the idea of an Afterlife that has a defined space to live in, but the vision is not limited, but can be, in other words the cube can be open, semi-trans or closed. If some parts stick out, that’s fine. The RAW SAND cube is in the AMERIKA SANDBOX. Take a copy.

Art Blue

Updated 2021-01-12

Please ask Juliette if you have problems in understanding. She runs on PDT timezone.