AMERIKA ART Artists. Infos in bullet points

  • Create an avatar in Craft World that fits to the name you want have published: Firstname Lastname. Ignore your visual looking. You will upgrade later. The reason why you look when born in opensimulator like a noob would be longer story. Watch here – that was filmed in Craft World … two avatars sitting on a chair, waiting to travel to your installation.
  • Offer friendship to Art Blue and Juliette Surrealdreaming. You will get a groupinvite when one of us is logging in. Then you go to map AMERIKA SANDBOX. You take a LM there. That will be your building home.
  • Grab a copy of the RAW SAND box to get the size in which your contribution for the Afterlife shall fit in: 42x42x182 meter.
  • Seek for an empty space where you want to build. Create a base. Maybe 80×80 meter at 2000 meter? Name it.
  • Your final contribution will be placed in July 2021 into the sky at Amerika East or North, for example at 6000 meter and it will be all sky around. Visitors can reach your art work via a programmed chair from Amerika on which they will sit. This chair you can see as a barge to the Afterlife.
  • As soon as you find Art Blue or Juliette online send an IM and ask to see the 16-rooms by Gem Preiz. They are all beautiful. Juliette can assign you one out of the available ones or you have a look. For reaching your installation this is not important.

You find the longer version of the text there …

In case you ask, “Will the visitors coming worldwide to AMERIKA loging in looking like a noob?” They will not. I have bought licences for state of the art avatars and the French artists Cherry Manga provides us with artistic avatars. For the Santorini Biennale 2018 IMMERSIVIA I decided for the the Wodden Man …